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About the Founder

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Alyssa Tang

Hi! I’m Alyssa Tang and I’m the founder of Eunoia Global Health. My interest in epidemiology began in 7th grade when I started competing for the Disease Detective event in Science Olympiad. I studied the types of pathogens that carried different diseases and which vectors transmitted them and learned the differences between infectivity, pathogenicity, and virulence. I wrote case definitions and determined the best type of study to use for various outbreaks. Over the years, I became more interested in the human side of public health.


In 2020, the hypothetical epidemics and surveillance unfortunately became real. Experiencing the pandemic firsthand and hearing heartbreaking stories of hepatitis B taking the lives of those who could have been screened and vaccinated from the Stanford Asian Liver Center, I realized the importance of awareness and advocacy. After connecting with passionate peers at the Harvard Global Health Leadership Conference, I sought opportunities to continue working with students to bring change for public health issues. Eunoia was created to bring together youth from around the world with the same vision. 

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