About the Founder


Alyssa Tang

Hi! I’m Alyssa Tang and I’m the founder of Eunoia. My interest in epidemiology began in 7th grade when I competed for the Disease Detective event in Science Olympiad. I studied the types of pathogens that carried various diseases and which vectors transmitted them, the differences between infectivity, pathogenicity, virulence, and the methods of public health surveillances. I wrote case definitions and determined the best type of study to use. I calculated incidence rates and odds ratios but never thought I would actually experience a pandemic of this proportion and hear about positivity rates, reproduction number of COVID-19, and CDC constantly in the news. These statistics were no longer facts I memorized but real lives being affected. I sought to find ways to raise awareness for public health issues around the world that were exacerbated by the pandemic. Eunoia was created to bring together youth with the same vision.