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Alyssa Tang

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Executive Director

Eugenia Calvo

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Eugenia Calvo Prieto is a current sophomore at Sha Tin College, Hong Kong. She is passionate about the biomedical sciences and the intersection between the social sciences and medicine. She enjoys pursuing these interests through scientific research and initiatives. Being an ambassador for Eunoia, she is able to raise awareness and educate others on various global health issues through writing, videos, podcasts and lessons.

Hong Kong

Director of Education
Managing Editor


Chinedum Aguwa

Tanisa Goyal

Eric Gu

Baala Shakya

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Hi! I’m a proud Nepali-American living in San Antonio, Texas! I am passionate in pursuing a career in Global Health, most likely in the concentrations of medical law or anthropology! I work part-time as the Official Texas Book Fairy, which is a unique non-profit that promotes literacy and the love of reading! In my spare time, you can find me knitting and crocheting, reading maps (yes, maps! I’m a huge Geography nerd), watching historical dramas, or studying Latin!


Grace Bogle

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Grace is currently a senior living in Michigan. She is greatly interested in global health, specifically the vast psychological effects on adolescents. Her favorite hobby is playing the cello. Grace hopes to peruse neuropsychology as a career. 


Xuetao Wu


Xuetao Wu is a junior at Belmont High School in Boston, MA. He has competed in numerous Model UN conferences with an interest in debate, public speaking, and politics. He has even started his own organization called ChenMUN to spread MUN to middle schoolers in his community. Outside of school, he enjoys carpentry and cartography.



Aleicia Zhu is a high school student interested in medical biotechnology and healthcare economics. She pursues these interests with journalism and research. She plans on a medical career. She also enjoys reading and writing as another pathway to examine the human psyche.

New Jersey

Soyeon Chin


Soyeon Chin is a senior at Daewon Foreign Language High School, specializing in German. She is an actor and play writer in her german theatre club 'Atombomben' and has written numerous german plays on social corruption and self-realization. With an aptitude for debate and public speech, she was nominated as best speaker, came 3rd in the Yale summer debate program tournament, selected to participate in the Korea debate championship, and was invited to the annual Hankook Academy of Foreign Studies debate competition as science motion mentor and adjudicator. Soyeon is a keen environmental activist in her environmental activist group UMWELT and has initiated projects on reducing ocean plastic. Also a dedicated member of Two-for-one, she has mentored the descendants of North Korean defectors and led campaigns to raise awareness on Korea unification.

South Korea

Anshika Prasad


Hi! My name is Anshika and I am a junior at Ravenwood High School. I am very interested in medicine and have a passion for global health, including environmental issues and mental health. I would love to pursue a path in global health, specifically something neuroscience related. In my free time, I love to binge watch sci-fi movies, play piano and clarinet, and read thriller books! 


Emily Tanaka

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Emily is from Japan who currently is a high school student at a boarding school in Massachusetts. She believes that public health is an crucial issue we need to face especially when going through a global pandemic that further left scars in marginalized communities. Emily also enjoys writing and reading about sociology!



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My name is Chinedum Aguwa! I am currently a senior and am interested in public health because I want to prevent illnesses by informing our communities, especially marginalized populations, about how to improve their quality of life. I also enjoy writing, sewing, and traveling!


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Eric is currently a high school senior who is interested in studying medicine. He is a passionate and determined individual who believes in the importance of highlighting key public health issues. Eric enjoys playing basketball, writing, and is an advocate for mental health. 



My name is Tanisa Goyal and I am a high school student from Hong Kong with a passion for biomedical sciences. As an ambassador for Eunoia, I hope to use the skills I have acquired through my experiences with community service, outreach and research to raise awareness about global health, whilst encouraging others to do the same!

Hong Kong

Reeya Sannake


My name is Reeya Sannake. I am a sophomore in Adams High School. I am passionate about global health and thinking of pursuing a career in healthcare. I enjoy playing tennis and swimming. My favorite hobbies include dancing, reading, and volunteering in my spare time. 


Aleicia Zhu



Paul Lewis

Paul M. Lewis is a Medical Student at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College where he concentrated in Neurobiology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. He has experience in diverse areas of global and public health having served as the Director of a program for underprivileged Native American youth, the President of a peer education group to promote holistic wellness, and the Community Education Chair of a drug and alcohol education group. Paul is the Founder of Harvard College VISION Global Health Society and the Global Health and Leadership Conference. He was a recipient of the Finley Fellowship from Harvard to spend a postgraduate year in Japan to learn about end-of-life care. While there, he helped found the International Young Researchers' Conference. Afterwards, he worked as a TMS Therapy Clinician at Dignity Brain Health to treat patients with Major Depressive Disorder. At Columbia University, he co-leads the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Allen O. Whipple Surgical Society, and the Global Health Organization. Additionally, Paul is a member of the Manly-Brickman Lab where he works with Drs. Jennifer Manly and Justina Avila-Rieger. 


Fara Bakare


My name is Fara Bakare, I am 17 years old form Nigeria and the UK. I am interested in Global Health because I strongly believe every action we take has a domino effect globally so we must do our best to work together and unite as one world, one race, one body.


Stanford Class of 2025

Thomas Chen

New Jersey


Thomas is a high school junior from New Jersey that is passionate about public health. He has conducted research on machine learning and computer vision and presented it at international conferences. He is also deeply involved in public speaking and debate, as well as public policy and government. One of the issues Thomas is most passionate about in terms of global health is Alzheimer's disease, which is immensely tragic.