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Fara Bakare

My name is Fara Bakare, I am 17 years old from Nigeria and the Uk. I founded a non profit called STEM in Africa which aims to raise awareness of and galvanise more youth to get involved in STEM in africa. We started a radio show/podcast series as a medium to educate local communities during COVID-19. Thank you and please follow our instagram @steminafrica for more information!

As some of you may you know, I have a charity in Nigeria called STEM in Africa (SIA). SIA aims to encourage and galvanise young African students to go into STEM careers through conferences, workshops and our mentorship scheme. 


At the beginning of the year SIA set out to build a Science Hub in Nigeria from repurposed plastic bottles and run on solar energy by 2022. The SIA Science Hub would be a space for students in Nigeria to be innovative and collaborate with global scientists, engineers and many more. The hub will have a science laboratory, IT room, animation and robotics studio. It will also have an events room in which we could host speakers, conferences and workshops. 


The SIA Science Hub aims not only to encourage and galvanise young students into STEM careers but also to tackle the grave issue of plastic waste pollution in Nigeria. 


This is why I am counting on YOUR HELP. SIA’s vision is to transform the education sector of Africa but we can only do that with YOUR SUPPORT. So, I am asking you to please DONATE to the building of our science hub by donating here - Share this message with three friends and believe in the potential of young people #SIAFAMILY


Thank you!


Natalie Zhu

Natalie Zhu is a high school senior in Bangkok, Thailand who is passionate about dance, running, and biology. In the future, she hopes to pursue her interest in the natural world, as well as pave the way for discoveries that improve the human condition.

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