Youth Perspectives on Global Health Issues

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Issue IV is published!

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What is Eunoia?

Eunoia is a platform for youth to educate others on diseases, raise awareness on health issues, and bridge the gap on disparities. The name Eunoia is derived from the Greek word, εὔνοια, meaning "beautiful thinking" or "well minded." It was created to provide students a place to express their voices through science journalism, narratives, editorials, art, photography, videos and podcasts. Together, we can make a difference in global health.

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"Eunoia tackles imminent global health issues, and puts them forward in ways which are engaging and easy to understand for the readers."

~ Shreya from India

What is Global Health?

Global health is a multidisciplinary approach to the understanding of the local, national, and international determinants of health and healthcare delivery. 


Global health enables us to understand the wider influences of health such as poverty, human rights, famine, environment, and the movement of populations.

Global health places priority on improving health outcomes and achieving equity for all people worldwide.